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ForeFlight Now Connext to Garmin Flight Stream 110/210

ForeFlight has announced it's official collaboration with the Garmin Connext™ family of flight connectivity solutions. This is truly groundbreaking news for the pilot community, as the most popular aviation App and the leading avionics producer have formally agreed to play well with each other. ForeFlight Mobile 7.2, connected to a Garmin Flight Stream box, can [...]

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ForeFlight Releases Pre-Airventure Update

In the days leading up to General Aviation's largest event, EAA Airventure Oshkosh, ForeFlight released ForeFlight Mobile v7.2. This update, contains some key feature enhancements for Pro subscribers, such as adding Weight & Balance profiles to their cloud syncing capability and enhanced Graphical Flight Notifications. Pilots worldwide will benefit from improved Global Winds Aloft modeling. [...]

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Refreshed Stratus ADS-B Units Announced

Just in time for EAA's AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Appareo, ForeFlight and Sporty's (AFS) released an updated version of the Stratus line of portable ADS-B receivers. Available in two models, the Stratus 1S and Stratus 2S, these units represent the latest enhancements in speed and the underlying technology that has made Stratus the top selling ADS-B unit since [...]

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Apple iOS 8.4 now available – fixes Bluetooth GPS issue

For nearly 12-weeks, the pilot community has struggled with an issue, created by Apple, in their last iOS update (8.3). The issue caused the GPS location data, which was sent by the Bluetooth GPS device, to the iPad, to fail to reach it's recipient. For pilots who use any of the popular iPad pilot apps and rely on an external [...]

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The Modern Pilot Website Launch Event

The Modern Pilot service officially launched today to great anticipation of the early-bird members and Founder's Club V.I.P.'s. A webinar providing a first look at the extensive infrastructure required to host the latest advancements in learning portal technology and pilot discussion forums, was presented by invitation-only. Modern Pilot members now have access to the subscriber-only [...]

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