ForeFlight has announced it’s official collaboration with the Garmin Connext™ family of flight connectivity solutions. This is truly groundbreaking news for the pilot community, as the most popular aviation App and the leading avionics producer have formally agreed to play well with each other.

ForeFlight Mobile 7.2, connected to a Garmin Flight Stream box, can wirelessly receive pitch and bank information, WAAS GPS location data and ADS-B weather and traffic, depending on the avionics options installed.

Weather and traffic from an installed GDL 88/84 is displayed in ForeFlight when connected to the Flight Stream 110/210.

The Flight Stream 210 contains an internal AHRS attitude indicator which drives ForeFlight’s Synthetic Vision.

Additionally, owners of the Garmin GTN™ 650/750, GNS™ 430W/530W series of navigators, or the Garmin GDL 88 with WAAS GPS can use the built-in WAAS position information to power ForeFlight’s moving map and geo-reference plates and taxi diagrams.

This first version does not include the flight plan transfer capability, but it’s in the works and will be released in a future App update.